Why your staff needs first aid training

Why your staff needs first aid training

As an employer, you do all that you can to ensure your workers have a safe environment to work in and that their immediate needs are taken care of by your company. But do you have any safeguards in place should a freak accident occur anyway? Research shows that only 10 percent of all workplace accidents in South Africa occur as a result of unsafe conditions. It’s critical that you invest in first aid training for all staff members, as you never know when or why it will be needed. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why it’s worth the investment.

  • It increases awareness

First aid training usually teaches a person CPR and how to handle wounds, broken bones and other traumas. A heightened awareness of the risks of this occurring at work can improve adherence to safety protocols that people sometimes rush through or skip. It also helps them to identify injuries quicker and to make the call, in terms of what to do next. For example, many people are unaware that in certain cases an injured person must not be moved or that incorrect CPR techniques can fracture ribs.

  • The first minutes are critical

Nobody would ever expect a civilian to be able to perform the work of an emergency room doctor and surgeon. However, in the first few minutes after an accident they might be all that stands between a person and death.

Studies show that a blocked airway and arterial bleed can result in death in 3-4 minutes. Every minute a person goes without CPR decreases their chance of survival by 7%.

Most people who undergo training, and have had to use it, find that their life saving responses kick in before they’ve even had chance to react.

  • It saves lives – outside of work

In January 2018, a Mpumalanga cyclist collapsed in a coffee shop while suffering from a heart attack. Luckily, a man working at a nearby shop happened to see what was going on and used his workplace first aid training to apply CPR until medical help arrived – saving the man’s life.

Workplace safety is a collective effort. Make it a part of your culture by investing in first aid training from Tshireletso Multi-Skills & Training.

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