Is your cleaning staff sweeping your clients off their feet?

Is your cleaning staff sweeping your clients off their feet?

At Disneyland, the cleaning staff are considered the most important employees – not only because they sweep the paths and collect litter but because they are the most visible employees and therefore critical to customer service.

Maintaining a professional level of hygiene and cleaning in our workplaces plays a critical role in the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees and clients, as well as enhances the overall image of your business.

Giving your employees adequate cleaning and hygiene training allows your cleaning staff to take responsibility and pride in their work. TM-Training’s practical and engaging one-day training intervention will equip your cleaning staff with the skills and knowledge they need to apply basic cleaning principle and provide quality customer service all while portraying a professional image.

Our facilitators can speak several African languages and engage practically with all delegates ensuring knowledge is passed on effectively.

Does your cleaning staff have the training to carry out their duties, including the extra ones expected by customers? Sign them up for our accredited Hygiene and Cleaning Services course and discover new ways to impress your clients.

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