Employee safety keeps your business safe too. Know the dangers.

Employee safety keeps your business safe too. Know the dangers.

Knowing about employee safety is a responsibility of all South African businesses that won’t only protect your workers, but also your business. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, all employers have the responsibility to create a risk free and safe work environment for employees. Here are some of the potential dangers you might face and what to do about them:

Danger creates accidents. Accidents create inspections

Both employers and employees have a responsibility to adhere to safety protocols and to ensure dangers are quickly identified, reported and addressed to the relevant authorities. Both groups need to prepare for the eventuality of an inspection and the fewer accidents/deaths reported and the less dangerous the nature of a business is, the less inspections it will receive.

Failed inspections

If your workplace is found to be unsafe, a prohibition notice may be issued to prevent a certain action or machine from being used. If this is violated, a contravention notice is then issued, and if the issue is still not resolved in a certain amount of days a direction notice will be provided to dictate specific changes that must be made. As you can imagine, this can take months of not being able to use a certain machine or being able to commence production as normal, which can lead to dangerous losses for a business’s bottom line.

Preventing danger, proactively

There are a number of things a business can do to ensure its workplace remains safe, preventing inspections and ensuring it remains in operation.

All equipment must be maintained properly. Every effort must be taken to reduce danger and increase safety and only where this can’t be achieved should protective equipment be used. Precautionary measures must be put in place and the appropriate workers should be provided with all the information and training needed to do the job safely. All on the job risks must also be clearly explained before the job is accepted. If your business involves manufacturing, designing, importing, selling or supplying, you’ll also face additional safety requirements.

The best way to know what your compliance requirements are so you can protect your business is to contact an expert in employee safety, such as Tshireletso Multi Skills and Training. We can help you ensure your workplace remains safe and, avoiding costly inspections for months to come.


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