TM Training is accredited as a provider of education and training for the provision of learning programmes with several SETAs.

TM Training has been approved as a training body in terms of the national road traffic-act, 1996 (Act no, 93 of 1996) regulations 115 (1)(f), 117(e) and 280. Approval number: PRDP (D) 2014/147.

Our primary accreditation body is the Transport Education Training Authority, accreditation number: TETA 13-314

TM Training is also accredited with the health and Welfare SETA, reference no: TETA13-314

TM Training has been approved in terms of the driven Machinery Regulations 18 (11) of the occupational Health and Safety act, 1993 for the purpose of issuing certificates of training. Certificate no: 501.

TM Training complies with clause 13(a), (b), (c) and (e) of regulations 1127 of 8 September 1998 – Regulations under the South African Qualification Authority Act, 1995. Accreditation number:6R65199.

In terms of the ETQA Regulations No: R1127 of 1998 of the SAQA Act 58 of 1995 the MICT Seta is granted the responsibility to accredit and quality assure constituent education and training providers that deliver education and training that falls within the primary focus of the MICT Seta.


Tshireletso has program approval from the Education, Training and Developmental Practices SETA

Tshireletso has program approval from the AgriSETA

Tshireletso has program approval from the Services SETA, reference no: 12653